Lasiren's Private VIP Underwater Lounge will feature complimentary drinks, signature cocktails, and light fare by local celebrated chefs. 


Mermaids and mermen will offer psychic readings and a massage in the underwater lounge, with many more surprises to be announced. 






**(All Tickets will be on "Will Call" list on the day of event, please bring a current picture ID. All sales are final with no refunds or exchanges) **


General Admission

Open to Public

(Yes Free)  


(Don't forget to get your T-shirt(s) or Poster(s) under "Swag" to Add to Cart)



Please remember to print a copy of your receipt from PayPal; your name will be placed on the “Will Call” list at the festival.

Please bring a valid picture ID, along with a copy of the receipt.

If you have a group of 3 or more people that you purchase tickets for please feel free to send us the names for the “Will Call” list at:


Make sure you have your name listed first, followed by the rest of your guest.


Please remind everyone to bring a picture ID, for the "Will Call" list.


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